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Happy Holidays!!


Bake Healthy for the Holidays with Daisy Organic Flour!

Organic Flour Made Locally.

Make it Organic and Make it Healthy!


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Daisy Flours are made by McGeary Organics, Inc. Purchase from the McGeary Organics Store, click here
Corn allergies? Read this.

Want to learn how to bake an Old-Fashioned Apple Pie? Click Here to find out how.

Organic Flour

Add a taste of history to your Pies, Breads and Biscuits with Lancaster Heritage Red Flour!

Lancaster Red Heritage Reserve Series Organic Flour

Available for a limited time only.

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Baking Holiday Cookies with your children is a memory they will cherish forever.



Happy Holidays



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Daisy Flours are milled by McGeary Organics,Inc.
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