Spelt Is All The Rage

Questions about Spelt Flour greet us everywhere.

What’s so different about it?  What would I do with it? Do you have a recipe?

Durbin Girls



This is not only a busy time of year for families. It’s a time of year when the children are looking for projects. Something easy to make and good to eat – especially if it’s as nutritious as Spelt-Flour – is popular.


Ella Durbin (age 8, yellow shirt) and Lillian, (her sister, in pink stripes, age 11) invited friends over for a baking party. The two older girls made the crackers all by themselves, according to their mother, and the youngers were there for the eating.


Spelt is a grain in the wheat family that we’ve been milling for many years.  Only recently has it come into vogue, partly because it is more easily tolerated by people who have trouble digesting gluten and so, it’s being recommended by nutritionists and dietitians. It’s a bit more expensive than our Daisy Pastry Flour- for a reason we will soon explain- but they are in these same two important categories:  Daisy Pastry Flours and Daisy Spelt Flours are both locally grown, soft grain flours. Therefore, they are best used for food products that don’t rise a lot and are eaten right away. Pancakes is a great example. They’re both good in pie crust,  flat cookies, and crackers, by that definition.


When you see them side by side, like this, its difficult to tell the Spelt from the soft Wheat.  The Spelt, however, has a much harder husk. (The miller can tell the difference because he has the job of opening the grain). Because that takes more time and effort, Spelt Flour is more expensive. This flour and the amazing recipes suggest an unusual family-benefit gift for the cook you know who welcomes new ideas. The Daisy Whole Grain Spelt will have a stronger presentation of the unusual nutty flavor that comes with this grain. But the plain (white) Daisy Spelt Flour will lend itself to a lighter, more delicate pancake or cracker or cookie.  We like to cook with both bags open and mix them together in the most pleasing ratio to suit the nature of the food. Start with half: half and ask the eaters for opinion. This is a way to develop discriminating tastes in your youngsters.

Recipes we recommend for experimenting with Spelt Flour would be these recipes. In some cases you would substitute spelt for the Daisy Whole Wheat Pastry Flour.

Sesame-Currant Cookies
Ricotta Gnocchi
Banana Nut Bread
Vegan Spelt Pizza
Spelt Crackers