Freshly Milled Flour

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The Freshly Milled Flour Movement

For quite some time now, what most Americans have been eating when it comes to bread is a really refined, fast-processed bread that strips some key nutrients. In recent years, a movement has emerged that seeks to use freshly milled flour that is not stripped of its nutrients.

Semolina Flour

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Semolina Flour

Semolina flour is a type of flour, obviously enough. Like regular flour, it’s also made from wheat. However, it’s made from a kind of wheat called durum wheat, and is coarser and rougher than regular flour.

Teff Flour

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Teff Flour: An Ancient Tiny Grain With Huge Flavor

Teff flour comes from a cereal grain grown most commonly in Eritria and Ethopia, in Africa. As a plant dating back to 1000 BC, teff has ancient grain status, meaning that it’s considered to be a grain that has not experienced much, if any, modification. Ancient grains are considered very healthy for you and are commonly grown in Africa and the Middle East.

Kamut Flour

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What is Kamut Flour?

Flour made from kamut is the result of milling ancient grains, which is closely related to durum wheat used in semolina flour. This flour is considered an ancient grain, and some manufacturers guarantee that the khorasan wheat that goes into their flour has never been made into a hybrid product, so it is the same kind of grain people ate thousands of years ago.

Ragi Flour

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All About Ragi Flour

Ragi flour, derived from the ancient gran finger millet, is a great option for baking. It is very versatile and boasts high protein and high fiber. Throw in the fact that ragi flour is gluten-free, and you’ve got a winning option.