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Bread Flour Basics

Spoiler alert: Bread flour is a type of flour specifically meant to bake different types of …wait for it… bread. We all know that bread is a crucial part of favorite breakfasts worldwide. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we bake with the best. Feeling like you don’t know enough about this essential flour? We’ve got you covered. 

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Pie Baking Contest

Want to know one of our favorite ways to use flour? Pie. Crust. Yes, delicious pies of all types and all flavors. It all starts … Read more

whole wheat flour

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Whole Wheat Flour Basics

Whole wheat flour is a type of flour made from grinding whole grains of wheat. The most common types are hard and soft, but there are also other varieties such as rye, barley, and the types made from the other grains.

baking flour


All About Baking Flour

Baking flour, made from several materials to include wheat, seeds and grains, is a type of cooking or baking ingredient that is commercially and personally trusted by bakers and cooks around the world.

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All About Pastry Flour

If you love baking, you know that there are different types of flour. Pastry flour is the most popular flour among professional bakers as it makes the yummiest and softest desserts. So why is pastry flour preferred to other types of flour when it comes to baking? Let’s find out.