Best Gluten-Free White Bread

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Gluten-free white bread is more available than ever before. This is good news for any with Celiac disease and everyone who chooses to avoid gluten for the health benefits.

The best gluten-free white bread is made by brands such as Little Northern Bakehouse, Canyon Bakehouse, LiveGFree from Aldi, Schar, Three Bakers, Udi’s, Rudi’s, and Against The Grain. These brands produce some of the best-tasting, best-performing, and most versatile gluten-free white bread.

If you have gone gluten-free but are craving that classic white bread flavor and feel, there are some excellent options. Several food brands produce good gluten-free white bread, and there are several recipes you can make for yourself. Let’s explore the best gluten-free white bread on the market.

gluten-free white bread

The Best Gluten-Free White Bread Brands

Gluten-free bread can be excellent, or it can be lackluster and bland. White bread made without wheat or gluten is the biggest culprit of this flavor discrepancy, and it can be challenging to find gluten-free white bread that is good to eat daily for sandwiches and other meals.

However, the good news is that many bakery and bread brands have climbed aboard the gluten-free train, and there is now a wide range of delicious gluten-free white bread available.

These gluten-free options are available at grocery stores, some can be ordered online, and they are easy to get almost anywhere.

All the loaves mentioned here are designed to be gluten-free while retaining flavor and being as good-tasting as possible. These breads are made as close to regular white bread as possible, including taste, texture, feel, and utility.

Some of these brands produce vegan-friendly gluten-free bread, free of eggs, and most other food allergens, including soy and nuts.

Let’s identify and explore some of the very best gluten-free white bread brand options available right now.

Little Northern Bakehouse White Wide Slice

White Wide Slice from Little Northern Bakehouse is among the best gluten-free white bread available right now.

This bread is made without gluten, and the recipe is based on a blend of potato starch, corn starch, tapioca, starch, and brown rice flour. This loaf has added fiber and protein and is made to taste delicious without compromise.

The Wide Slice range of bread from this brand is made with sandwiches in mind; the loaves are made slightly wider than other loaves, which makes them ideal for use in even the biggest sandwich. Anyone craving sandwich bread will never be disappointed with the White Wide Slice loaf from Little Northern Bakehouse.

Canyon Bakehouse Mountain White Bread

Mountain White Bread from Canyon Bakehouse is a family favorite in many homes, making going gluten-free far easier.

This bead is soy, nut, and dairy-free and made to be as delicious as possible. Mountain White Bread is soft and fluffy while robust enough for hearty sandwiches.

This bread does contain eggs, but it is based on whole-grain flour made from brown rice, sorghum, and tapioca.

Canyon Bakehouse has taken extra steps to ensure that this bread remains as tasty as possible, detracting nothing from the experience of white bread. It is made to be as shelf-stable as possible., which means it will not go bad on your counter so long as you eat it within ten days.

Aldi’s LiveGFree White Wide Pan Bread

Aldi is a trusted brand in many homes, and the products made by the company are known to be good quality for the price and very easily accessible.

This same reliability is found in the bread range from Aldi, including the Wide Pan Gluten-Free White Bread.

This bread is soft and fluffy and made to be used for sandwiches. This is a slightly healthier option than some of the other breads on this list, but it is still delicious and makes an excellent gluten-free alternative to any other wheat-based white bread.

Aldi stores are widespread, which means this bread is readily available, making going gluten-free less challenging.

Schar Artisan Baker White Bread

Artisan Baker White Bread From Schar is among the most highly-rated gluten-free white breads on the market.

This bread is made from sourdough, which makes it incredibly tasty and healthier for your gut than almost any other bread. The Artisan Baker White Bread from Schar is also preservative-free, GMO-free, wheat-free, and dairy-free.

This bread is never frozen, so it arrives at your table as plump, soft, and fresh-tasting as possible. This is the ideal bread for making sandwiches, using in recipes, cooking into meals, or even just for a light snack with some peanut butter.

There is almost no better gluten-free bread on the market. This company has been producing gluten-free products for over 100 years, giving them the experience required to produce truly tasty gluten-free products.

The Artisan Baker White Bread from Schar is made from sourdough, millet, quinoa, and honey, which makes it a delectable bread with fantastic flavor, good firmness, and a crispy crust.

The only drawback to this bread is that it does not last long on the counter due to the lack of preservatives and only lasts around three days before going stale. It can be frozen to prolong its use-life, but this does compromise flavor over time.

Three Bakers Large Slice Whole Grain White Bread

The whole-grain white bread made by Three Bakers is an excellent white bread choice.

This bread is made from whole grains, including brown rice flour, and it is a great source of dietary fiber. Most gluten-free breads are low in fiber, but this brand takes extra steps to ensure that this bread does not fall into that category.

Whole grain white bread from Three Bakers is sliced thick for the purpose of making delicious sandwiches with any ingredient. This bread is fluffy and light and is very tasty.

Three Bakers have a wide range of gluten-free breads to choose from, and anyone can order directly from the website for delivery, which means you no longer have to make a trip to the local grocery store every time you run out of bread.

Udi’s Soft White Sandwich Loaf

The Soft White Sandwich Loaf from Udi’s is among the healthiest options for gluten-free bread, with no added sweeteners and zero saturated fats.

This bread is soft and tasty, but the lack of stabilizers, sweeteners, and preservatives means that the experience of eating this bread differs greatly based on how far away you are from the factory.

If you live near where this bread is made, your experience will be fantastic, but if you live far away from where it is produced, especially if you live in a hot area, the bread may be dry and brittle when you receive it or buy it.

However, if you can find a fresh loaf, there are few bread brands better than Udi’s for soft, fluffy, tasty, white bread for sandwiches.

Rudi’s Original Homestyle Bread

Rudi’s Original Homestyle gluten-free white bread is a very tasty option and is seen by many as the perfect gluten-free white bread. This bread is firm yet soft, tastes good, and has a thin but crispy crust.

This bread is very stable, lasts well, and is ideal for any white-bread purpose.

This bread contains no soy, dairy, or nuts; it is made from high-quality ingredients and is designed to be a high-quality bread for anyone who wants to eat gluten-free.

If you have not yet tried this brand, explore the range yourself, and you will not be disappointed with the bread you eat.

Against The Grain Original Baguette

If you want something different from your gluten-free white bread, the white bread baguette from Against The Grain is an excellent option.

This is a white bread gluten-free French-style baguette that is highly versatile. This bread has a crispy crust, a soft and airy crumb, and is ideal for various uses.

Much of the flavor and texture of this bread comes from the mozzarella cheese that bakes right into the loaf. This gives the bread a distinctive and delicious flavor that is ideal for pairing with many ingredients for sandwiches or bread-based dishes.

The baguette from Against The Grain provides a wonderful and exploratory eating experience that encourages you to branch out with the gluten-free bread you choose to buy.

Is Gluten-Free White Bread Good?

Gluten-free white bread is historically not very tasty and is known to fall apart when used for meals such as sandwiches. This leads many to wonder if gluten-free white bread can be good or if it is always disappointing.

Commercial gluten-free white bread, such as those listed above, is usually very good. There are some caveats to consider, such as the fact that this type of bread dries out quickly, it can go stale quicker than wheat bread, and it must include flavors and ingredients that cover the poor-tasting ingredients in the recipe.

Every version of gluten-free white bread tastes different, as they are all made from different recipes that produce different results.

When looking for the best gluten-free white bread for you, it is always best to try as many brands as you can, as this will ensure that you find the right bread for you.

All versions of commercial gluten-free white bread generally taste good, and they are versatile, as white bread should be, but not every recipe will be to your liking.

Well-made gluten-free white bread with good, high-quality ingredients does taste good. It is easy to use, made as tasty as possible, and perfectly designed to replace wheat-based white bread.

Is Gluten-Free White Bread As Good As Wheat Bread?

Wheat-based white bread is the king of sandwich breads and is the most versatile of all bread types. Does gluten-free white bread compete with regular white bread? Are these bread types even close by comparison?

The reality is that gluten-free white bread will never be precisely the same as regular white bread because they are made from different ingredients. You cannot expect regular bread and gluten-free bread to be the same, as you cannot produce the same results from different ingredients.

This means that gluten-free white bread is always different from wheat bread, but that does not mean it is bad.

Gluten-free white bread is as good as regular white bread for meals and making sandwiches. This bread is as versatile as its wheat-based counterpart and can be as delicious, albeit with a different overall flavor and taste.

If you are nervous about switching to gluten-free bread for the sake of missing out on white bread, rest assured that gluten-free white bread is not a compromise on white bread if it is made well. Search for a well-made, good-tasting gluten-free bread, and you will never be disappointed in your white bread.

gluten-free bread

Is Gluten-Free White Bread The Best Gluten-Free Bread?

Gluten-free white bread is delicious if made well with high-quality ingredients, but is this bread the best gluten-free has to offer? If you are exploring gluten-free breads, is white bread the best option for preparing meals and making sandwiches?

There is an extensive range of gluten-free bread recipes and types that are available to anyone who is looking for them. White bread made this way is an excellent option for sandwiches and cooking, but it is not the only option.

The development of various gluten-free flours means that any bread type can be made in a gluten free-form.

Every type of bread, including sourdough, challah, flatbread, focaccia, pizza bases, and every form of artisanal bread, can be made without gluten, which means that the bread that you use for your recipes or sandwiches should be based on the ingredients and fillings that you want to use.

Take the time to explore more of what the gluten-free world has to offer, and you are sure to find some phenomenal gluten-free breads that you are yet to experience, and you may even find your favorite bread.

Gluten-free bread can be delicious. Just be sure to buy a bread or make bread made from the best possible ingredients for the best results.


Gluten-free white bread is delicious when made well, and it is an ideal replacement for regular wheat-based white bread, be it for making sandwiches or for use in a larger meal,

Take the time to explore the world of gluten-free white bread for yourself, and you will find a brand that suits your taste and texture preferences. Gluten-free white bread is no longer a compromise on flavor and experience; several brands are as good as wheat-based white bread.