Bread Cheese is Not Bread

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Several kinds of cheese have unusual names, and bread cheese is one of them. It doesn’t sound appealing to many, but this cheese is delicious and can be used in many ways. So, what is bread cheese, and how is it made?

Bread cheese is a semi-soft cheese that originates in Finland. Traditionally this cheese is made from reindeer milk, but in most other countries, it’s made from goat or cow’s milk. It has a similar texture to halloumi cheese and can be used in sweet and savory dishes.

Bread Cheese with dipping sauce

This article will explore how bread cheese is made, how to cook it at home, and how to serve the cheese in a sweet or savory way, depending on your taste. So, keep reading to learn everything you should know!

What Is Bread Cheese?

Have you ever walked down the dairy or cheese aisle in your grocery store looking for something new to try and then see something that catches your eye and makes you wonder what this product is? Bread cheese is generally this product.

Many people are unaware of this great-tasting cheese, and the name can shock most, as bred cheese doesn’t sound appetizing. However, bread cheese is delicious and reminds many people of Halloumi cheese.

Bread cheese is a Finnish semi-soft cheese that is best served warm, and it holds its firmness like Halloumi when cooked. Bread cheese, or juustolepä, is an excellent appetizer to serve at dinner parties or as a snack.

Bread cheese received its name from the toasted exterior that the cheese gets after cooking it. This exterior resembles the crust of a bread loaf, but it tastes a lot better than bread crusts.

What Exactly is it Made From?

So, bread cheese doesn’t sound as bad as its name would suggest, but what is this cheese made from? In Finland, it is traditionally made from reindeer milk cooked in a wood-burning oven.

However, reindeer milk is not readily available in other countries like it is in Finland, so the bread cheese you can buy is made from cow’s or goat’s milk. The chosen milk is coagulated with a product called rennet, an enzyme derived from animals.

This enzyme’s stable protein structure helps the bread cheese keep its form, even when cooked. Some manufacturers flavor theirs with herbs and spices, creating a wide variety to choose from, depending on your taste.

rennet added to make bread cheese

What Does It Taste Like?

Bread cheese is not sounding too bad, and you might be intrigued enough by now to try it for yourself, but you might want to know what this cheese tastes like first to ensure you like it. So, what does bread cheese taste like?

Bread cheese has a lovely flavor and texture that many would enjoy if they gave it a chance. It has a deliciously soft, buttery texture and a mild flavor, much like Halloumi cheese. It is slightly salty and can be served warm or cold, although most prefer bread cheese warm.

How Is It Made?

Bread cheese is an interesting cheese that tastes great. We know what it is made from, but what is the process of making this? It is simple to make, and you can even make it at home if you have the patience and equipment.

To make bread cheese, you take some goat’s or cow’s milk and curdle it with some rennet added in to help coagulate the milk. Then you drain the curds from the liquid, removing as much liquid as possible, and press the curds into a bread-sized block.

You leave it to set in the fridge for a day or two, then slice it and bake it in a wood oven until the outside has caramelized, and the cheese looks like bread.

How Do You Cook It?

You need to warm it up because it has already been cooked. You can do this in an oven, a frying pan, an air-frier, a microwave, or even on the grill. Grilling the bread cheese is probably the best way to warm it up, as this can add a bit more texture. The second best method is warming it in a skillet, but you can use the other methods if these are the easiest for you.

cheese grilling in pan

How To Serve It?

Buying bread cheese and warming it up is only half the battle; you need to know how to serve this cheese to ensure you have the best experience with it. There are different ways you can serve this cheese to bring out the flavor of the cheese well. Let’s talk about how it can be served.

A Sweet Bread Cheese Treat

When you think of a Halloumi-like cheese, most people don’t think of sweetness, but bread cheese can be served as a sweet treat or snack that will tantalize your tastebuds and satisfy your sweet cravings. To bring out the cheese’s sweetness, you can serve warm bread cheese with jams, honey, nuts, fruit butter, dried fruits, and syrups.

You can serve the cheese like this as a snack or an after-food delight to end the meal well. Serving the cheese this way gives you something light to serve that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Bread Cheese as a Savory Snack

If you aren’t a fan of serving cheese as a sweet treat, you can serve bread cheese as a savory delight.

You can grill the cheese and add it to a salad or pasta. You can also grill the cheese with vegetables and serve it as a side dish. You can warm the cheese in a skillet and serve it with a marinara dipping sauce. You can serve bread cheese in many savory ways to enhance your meal.


Bread cheese has an unusual name, but it is delicious and should be a part of your life. You can use it in many different ways, making it a versatile cheese that should always be in your kitchen. So, if you see it at the store, do not hesitate to buy it and enjoy it at home!