How Long Does Bread Last In The Freezer?

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Bread is not a long-life food item, and it never lasts very long when stored at room temperature. For this reason, freezing bread is the best way to keep it fresh and good for as long as possible. However, we all know that it is possible to freeze for too long, and food can still go bad when frozen, so how long can bread last in the freezer?

Bread can last in the freezer for two to six months, depending on the ingredients in the bread and how fresh the bread is. Bread with high yeast or moisture content only lasts two months frozen. Lean bread can last six months. Bread containing fats such as butter lasts about four months frozen.

The longevity of bread in the freezer varies depending on the temperature of the freezer, the type of bread, the ingredients in the bread, and how fresh it is when frozen. However, some general timelines apply to most bread, so let’s explore how long bread lasts when frozen.

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Storing Bread In The Freezer

Bread can be kept frozen for far longer than it can be stored in any other way. Freezing bread is the best way to prevent it from going stale, growing mold, or spoiling. However, knowing how long bread can be safely frozen without going bad can be difficult.

The time that bread can be frozen depends on a few factors. Homemade and fresh bread may not last as long in the freezer as store-bought, as they contain little or no preservatives.

Bread with high moisture or very high yeast content also goes bad in the freezer more quickly. Bread with high-fat content, such as those made with butter or oil and those with a high egg content, last longer because the fat prevents it from drying out.

The age of the bread when it is frozen also determines how long it will last in the freezer. The temperature in the freezer plays a role too.

That said, bread can last between two and six months in the freezer. Store-bought and lean bread can last up to six months without going bad. These types can remain moist or at least not dry while in the freezer.

Homemade bread, bread with a lot of yeast, and bread that has a high moisture content will only last a maximum of two months in the fridge.

High-fat bread can last for a few months, usually three or four months, without going bad when frozen, but it can be more unstable in the freezer than other types.

Can Bread Go Bad In The Freezer?

Storing bread in the freezer does allow it to stay fresh, or at least edible, for significantly longer. However, it can go bad in the freezer. Certain molds and bacteria can still grow on the bread when frozen.

This is particularly true for bread such as sourdough, as it has a very high amount of yeast. This allows mold to grow on the bread quickly, even at very low temperatures, especially when frozen in something like a paper bag.

Lean bread contains little or no oils and fats, and bread with a low moisture content will last the longest in the freezer without going bad.

However, even the leanest bread can still go bad, so any bread that is stored in the freezer for more than two weeks should be examined for signs of decay or mold before being eaten.

Just because bread has been frozen does not mean it is safe to eat if it has been stored for a long time.

No bread should be consumed if it is stored for longer than six months, as even if there is no visible mold, the bread is likely to have grown bacteria that can be harmful if ingested.

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Is Bread Still Good After A Long Time In The Freezer?

Some bread can only be frozen and stay good to eat for a month or two, but others can last for much longer and remain edible, but is bread still tasty and good to eat after being frozen for a long time?

Bread does lose flavor when frozen for a long time. It can even go stale in the freezer.

The ingredients in bread do not have a long shelf-life when combined and baked and do deteriorate more the longer the bread is stored, even when it is kept frozen.

The longer you keep it in the freezer, the less good it will taste when you bring it out.

There are ways to help bread retain its flavor and freshness when frozen, such as wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap and keeping it in an airtight container.

There are also ways to help the bread defrost in a way that retains more flavor and goodness, such as letting it defrost overnight in the freezer and then warming it in the oven to restore its crisp crust and soft interior.

Taking these steps helps the bread last in the freezer.

How To Tell If Frozen Bread Has Gone Bad

Bread can go bad quickly, even when frozen. So how do you tell if the bread has gone bad if it is frozen?

Bread that has gone bad has the same signs of decay in and out of the freezer.

If you have bread in the freezer and wonder if it has gone bad, inspect it for mold, fuzz, discoloration, and a foul odor. These are all signs that the bread has gone bad and should not be eaten.

Bread can also experience freezer burn when stored for too long. Look for signs of ice forming inside the bread and dark areas on the bread that are frozen solid.

Bread showing any of these signs is not good to eat and should be discarded.


As we have learned, various kinds of bread last in the freezer longer than others. It is essential to take the correct steps to help it last for as long as possible in the freezer and protect it from being damaged by the freezing process.

Bread can still go bad in the freezer, so always check your frozen bread for signs of decay before defrosting and eating it.