All the Subway Types of Bread

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Everyone is familiar with the process of making your own sandwich at Subway. The first step is to decide which of the subway types of bread want to eat.

Subway uses various types of bread for its sandwich, which now includes flatbreads. This variety can make it hard to choose, but knowing the different kinds of bread at Subway beforehand can make the process easier.

In this article, we’ll walk through all the different types of bread you’ll find at Subway restaurants to help you decide the base for your next sandwich. 

Subway’s Bread: The Basics

Let’s discuss some of the ingredients all Subway bread have in common.

The bread at Subway is mainly made out of enriched wheat flour, sugar, oil, yeast, and salt. However, Subway has a variety of bread, meaning each has its own qualities and additional ingredients to make it unique.

The type of bread you choose at Subway may make or break your sandwich. Some bread is sweeter than others, and some bread has a greater chance of overwhelming your sandwich and stealing the show.

Understanding what to expect from each type of bread at Subway is essential. The best way to do this is by trying them, but you may not want to try each different type of bread at Subway. So to help you, let’s look at all the different types of bread this popular fast-food chain offers.

What Are All the Subway Types of Bread?

The types of breads that you’ll find at Subway today are:

  • Italian bread
  • 9-grain wheat bread
  • 9-grain honey oat bread
  • Sourdough bread
  • Multigrain flatbread
  • Italian herbs and cheese bread

Depending on your location, your local Subway may have additional bread options and limited-time options. For example, Subway used to carry sourdough bread, which has now been discontinued in many areas. However, the bread listed above has been and continues to be a staple on Subway’s menu nationwide.

Let’s take a close look at each of these types of bread.

Subway sandwich best bread

Italian bread

Italian bread is Subway’s most basic yet reliable type of bread. It works well with any sandwich due to its neutral flavor, so it’s always a safe choice. 

The texture of this bread, like most of Subway’s bread, is quite soft while still being a little flaky on the outside. 

If you prefer that your bread have some flavor, Italian bread may be an underwhelming choice. Luckily, Subway offers several more flavorful bread options. 

9-grain wheat bread

Nine-grain wheat bread is another neutral bread, except this bread is made from wheat flour

Nine-grain wheat bread is an excellent option if you’re still looking for bread that won’t overpower your sandwich but desire a healthier and hearty option.

9-grain honey oat bread

The 9-grain honey oat is a step up from the 9-grain wheat bread as it has more flavor. Not only that, but this bread has a sweet taste, making it the sweetest bread that Subway offers.

What gives this bread its unique flavor is the honey and oats surrounding the outside of the bread. This bread particularly pairs well with sandwiches containing meats with a mild flavor, such as turkey or black forest ham, or sandwiches with sweet components, like teriyaki chicken. 

That said, the 9-grain honey oat bread is a polarizing flavor and may not work well with other savory sandwiches. If you haven’t already, try it out with turkey to get an idea of whether or not it’s for you.

Multigrain flatbread

Flatbread has become a popular choice for many different Subway restaurant enthusiasts. Subway’s flatbread is flat and denser than their other sub choices, with a soft, chewy texture.

The multigrain flatbread is a healthy choice for your Subway sandwich. This may be the most nutritious bread on the menu.

This bread option comprises chia seeds and flaxseeds and packs over 50 grams of whole grain in each 6-inch portion. It’s also a great source of calcium and vitamin D.

While the multigrain flatbread is a great healthy choice, not everyone may enjoy the hearty flavor of multigrain flatbread in their sandwich. If you don’t want the bread to overpower the taste of your sandwich, you might want to choose the regular flatbread that most Subways offer. 

Loaded ham, cheese, and salami sub from Subway on the best bread

Italian herbs and cheese bread

Finally, we have Italian herbs and cheese. 

Italian herbs and cheese is the most flavorful bread that Subway offers and is a popular favorite amongst many Subway customers. This soft bread is full of herbs and Monterey cheddar and parmesan cheese to give it a distinct taste. 

Even though this bread is packed with flavor, it goes well with various subs – from Italian to meatball and chicken. If you want to significantly boost your sandwich’s taste, Italian herbs and cheese is the way to go. 

Summary: What’s Your Favorite Subway Bread Flavor?

Subway’s bread is soft and flavorful and may be the best part of any sandwich. Everyone eventually develops a favorite Subway bread flavor, even if the bread you choose depends on the sandwich you pick that day.

Hopefully, this article can help you decide which type of Subway bread to try with your next sandwich. Don’t forget the cookie with your meal!