Uses of All-Purpose Flour

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All-purpose flour is one of the most commonly used baking products. It is exactly as the name states, all-purpose. All-purpose flour was created for the modern-day baker, way back in 1845 by Henry Jones. All-purpose flour was made to work with recipes for muffins, loaves, cakes, and other baked goods so that consumers did not have to purchase different flours for different baked goods.

All-purpose flour is made out of a combination of hard wheat and soft wheat. This combination makes it so that the variety of food produced by all-purpose flour is wide. All-purpose flour can make a great loaf of bread but also make a wonderful batch of muffins. This is thanks to the protein percentage of the flour. It is neither extremely high nor low, meaning that the gluten produced is not low or high.

That means you can have fairly chewy bread and fairly fluffy cakes.

This is what makes all-purpose flour great. It is the perfect product for any baker to use in their kitchen for any dish. It is tasteless, versatile, and inexpensive.

What Can All-Purpose Flour be Used For?

All-purpose flour is all-purpose in name and function. It can be used for coating vegetables in preparation for frying or baking. It can be used for baking and cooking. All-purpose flour is often used as a method of thickening sauces and gravies because it works to create a thicker sauce without disturbing the flavors of the sauce.

All-purpose flour can be used to create homemade cake, although cake shops and bakeries use cake flour, all-purpose flour is a perfectly fine substitute for an at-home baker. If you are a fan of the sweeter things in life, then you can use it in cookies and other sweet treats, such as brownies or blondies!

All-purpose flour can be used in biscuits or muffins. Many folks use it for breakfast bread loaves like pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, or other types of savory loaves of bread. On the topic of breakfast foods, it’s a great agent to make pancakes with. Waffles are an option.

If breakfast foods and sweet baked treats are not your things and you prefer your baked items in a more savory way, do not worry! This flour can be used for pizza dough, calzones, and other savory baked items. Just note that for these items, you may have to add yeast to your flour as a raising agent. Just follow whatever recipe you have and you should be totally fine.

Can All-Purpose Flour be Used for Anything?

Of course! All-purpose flour, as stated earlier, is a wonderful and useful ingredient that is versatile and useful. It is a cheap and functional ingredient that does the job efficiently and well.

Depending on what your plans for your baked goods or food are, you may need to add other things to your flour so that it works in the way that you want it to.

So if you are planning on making a delicious, authentic Italian pizza, you will most likely need to add yeast to the flour to make the dough rise. The dough must rise so that the crust of the pizza is light and not chewy and wet.

pizza dough

When it comes to cakes, yeast does not need to be added. Cakes are meant to be light and fluffy, so you want to whip some of the ingredients in to make the batter full of air. Unlike kneading pizza dough to eliminate air, you want air in the cake batter.

Can All-Purpose Flour be Used for Cakes?

As stated earlier, yes you can use all-purpose flour to make cakes. All-purpose flour does not have a high protein percentage. A high protein percentage means a higher amount of gluten in the baked good. The more gluten, the chewier and “stringier” the baked item.

For cakes, you do not want to have a high percentage of gluten or protein. You want the cake to be light and fluffy, which is why you will often see recipes calling for the baker to whip in certain ingredients.

All-purpose flour is perfectly fine to be used in cakes. Unless the recipe that you are following explicitly calls for cake flour, you should be fine.

What are All-Purpose Flours’ Recommended Uses?

All-purpose flour is incredibly versatile, which is part of its beauty and appeal to the consumers of today. At-home bakers love that they can use this flour for anything without having to purchase several different types of flour.

 That being said, there are many different uses for this flour.


Muffins are a great use for all-purpose flour. Muffins do not need to be insanely fluffy like other baked goods. They can be a bit dense and people love it! They do not require yeast or other rising agents, which makes them simple.

Muffins are one of the staple breakfast foods in the world. The best part is that they can be made at home with this flour.


Pancakes are a cult classic among the breakfast food-lovers community. They are delicious, filling, and can be dressed up with fruit, chocolate chips, or fun flavored syrups. Plus, they can be made with all-purpose flour! Many boxes of pancake mix are based on all-purpose flour.


Like you read earlier, cakes can be made with all-purpose flour or cake flour. Cake flour is perfect for lighter cakes, but any average birthday cake is fine to make with all-purpose flour. The main secret of a fluffy cake is to whip any butter going into the cake. You can also use an electric mixer to get the fluffy texture without whipping the butter if the recipe does not call for whipping the butter. 

What will you bake today?