The Best Bread For Burgers

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Burgers are a favorite food worldwide, and there are thousands of different burger recipes that use various types of buns and bread. When preparing the perfect hamburger, it is critical to use the best bread for burgers.

The best bread for burgers is sturdy, delicious, and good at soaking up juices from the grilled meat. Some good bread varieties for burgers include brioche buns, pretzel buns, kaiser rolls, ciabatta buns, onions buns, Texas Toast, sourdough bread, Challah buns, and garlic buns.

choose the best bread for burgers

Without the correct bread, the burger will fall apart and lack flavor. Hundreds of different types of bread go well with burgers so we have taken the time to identify the best options for creating the perfect burger.

The Best Burger Bun

The quest for the perfect burger always includes bread. Regardless of the type of burger you want to create, the flavors in the meal, and the meat you choose to use, the bread or bun used for the burger completes the dish.

Without the right bread, no burger recipe is complete. Choosing the right type of bread for your burger recipe is critical based on the flavors, textures, and aromas you want to achieve.

With that in mind, finding the right bread for a burger can be challenging. To make things easier, we have compiled a list of some of the very best bread for burgers, each of which is sure to elevate the burger to a new level of flavor and texture or complement the simplicity of this dish.

Here are the best types of bread and buns to use for burgers.

Brioche Buns

Brioche is a French bread that is rich, soft, and flavorful. These buns are made with a high egg and butter content, which results in a soft and dense texture, a rich flavor, and a good structure.

This bread is ideal for burgers because it will not fall apart even when used for a particularly juicy burger. It will hold its form well and can be toasted or left soft. The rich flavor of the bread compliments the robust flavors of a burger very well.

Few types of bread go better with a burger than brioche, and most gourmet burgers are made with these buns. Brioche buns are delicious and go very well with almost any burger recipe.

Pretzel Buns

Pretzel buns are quickly becoming a favorite for burgers. This bun is a soft pretzel and perfectly balances sweet and salty flavors that work very well with burgers.

This type of bread is soft and absorbent enough to catch all of the juices from the burger while being firm enough to keep the burger together. Pretzel buns go well with many flavors, including all of the classic burger toppings and sauces.

These buns are easy to make, fun to eat, have a delicious flavor, and are a good choice for any savory-based burger.

Pretzel burger bun

Kaiser Rolls

Kaiser rolls are becoming more common in burgers everywhere and are ideal for any burger recipe.

The kaiser roll is a mild-tasting bun with a flakey texture, ideal for soaking up juices and absorbing the burger’s flavors.

This type of bread will not compromise any of the burger’s flavors due to its mild flavor and is ideal for any burger made to accentuate the flavors of the ingredients.

Kaiser rolls add wonderful texture to any burger and are sturdy enough to keep even a giant burger together. This bun is an ideal choice for any burger.

English Muffins

English muffins are somewhat unconventional for burgers, but these are technically bread and not muffins, and they are a favorite bun used for breakfast sandwiches.

English muffins are surprisingly delicious when used for burgers, and they are ideal for breakfast-style burgers that include ingredients such as bacon and eggs.

The flaky, firm, dense English muffin is perfect for a rich, savory burger. If you have never tasted this combination, try it yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Sesame Seed Buns

Sesame seed buns is a vague term, as it can describe any buns with sesame seeds on top, but the buns we are referring to here are standard white-flour sesame seed buns.

According to many burger lovers, sesame seed buns are the perfect bread for burgers.

These buns add a delicious crunch to any burger, and the flavor of the sesame seeds complements the flavor of a beef burger patty very well.

These buns are especially good when lightly toasted to bring out the flavor of the seeds, and they pair very well with all types of burgers, regardless of the recipe.

This bread is soft, tasty, tender, and has a crust that holds a burger together very well. There is simply nothing quite like a well-crafted burger with a sesame seed bun.

Ciabatta Buns

Ciabatta bread makes excellent burger buns and quickly becomes a universal favorite.

Ciabatta is an ideal bread for burgers because it can be made into delicious buns that are easy to make. The bread tastes terrific and has many of the ideal attributes of bread used for burgers.

The attributes of ciabatta buns that make them good for burgers include the firmness of the crust that this bread has, which makes it ideal for holding a big burger together.

The tangy taste of the bread complements savory burgers well. The interior of the bread is light and airy, making it perfect for soaking up burger juices and sauces, capturing all of the flavors of the burger.

Ciabatta bread is used for many gourmet burger recipes and has become a widely popular bread for burger buns internationally.

Onion Buns

Onion buns are not your everyday average burger buns, but few buns are as good for burgers as a well-made onion bun.

The onion bun is a white-flour bread bun that is made with onions baked into it.

Depending on your preferences, the onion can be raw or pre-cooked, and the buns can be made with additional flavors, such as herbs, garlic, and spices, to further enhance the flavor.

These buns can be custom-made to be the perfect pairing for any burger recipe and can elevate the sandwich to a height that you have never experienced before.

Onion buns taste incredible when made right, and they are ideal for a juicy, cheesy, saucy burger.

Potato Buns

Potato bread, used to create potato buns, is a rising trend in the burger world. Using potato buns to create delicious burgers is becoming more popular everywhere, but it requires some high-level baking and cooking skills to use them well.

This type of bun is made using potato flour rather than wheat flower, which results in a dense, rich bun that can become very crispy and is full of flavor.

These buns are excellent gluten-free alternatives to other vegetable-based burger-toppers, such as the trend toward lettuce wraps, and can make the burger extra-delicious if used well.

Baking these buns is not for the faint of heart, but if you have the skills, potato buns can be some of the best buns to use for burgers.

Hamburger Buns

Hamburger buns are a classic bread type used for burgers. These buns are literally designed to be used for burgers and are, therefore, some of the very best buns for this purpose.

Hamburger buns are intentionally round, soft, and have a good outer crust to improve structural integrity. These buns are perfect for burgers and saucy condiments, and they are usually very tasty as well.

Hamburger buns handle butter, sauces, toppings, and juices very well and are a classic treat in the burger world.

Texas Toast

Texas Toast is a form of bread that is not familiar to everyone, but once you try it for a burger, you may never use anything else.

This type of bread is usually made from spiced white bread sliced thicker than regular bread slices, and it is made into Texas Toast by covering it in garlic butter and toasting it with a thin piece of cheese on top.

This creates thick, toasted garlic-cheese bread that is incredible for burgers. Texas Toast turns any mediocre burger into something memorable.

Texas Toast is delicious on its own, but when added to a juicy burger, it brings the mean into another dimension of flavor that cannot be created any other way. Texas Toast is a wonderful form of bread for burgers.

Sourdough Bread

Most people are familiar with sourdough bread, but not everyone has tried it on a burger.

This is an unconventional bread for a burger, but the truth is that sourdough is fantastic for burgers.

This bread can be made into small buns that work very well for burgers. The flavor of sourdough bread is tangy and light, while the bread is dense and has a thick crust that is perfect for burgers.

Sourdough will keep a big burger together perfectly, soaking in every drop of juice and flavor that drips from the burger, ensuring that every bite is as delicious as possible.

Sourdough bread is great for burgers of all kinds, and it is easy to make if you have a sourdough starter.

Rye Bread

Rye bread is another unconventional burger bread, but if you use it well, it can be truly great for this purpose.

The trouble with rye bread is that it has a strong flavor compared to most other breads and is a somewhat tricky flavor to pair.

However, if you pair it with a meaty, saucy burger with tangy ingredients, such as a tangy mayo and some sharp cheddar cheese, rye bread becomes a fantastic bread for burgers.

Rye bread is excellent for burgers if you know how to use it well. We recommend doing some experimentation when using rye bread with burgers so that you can find the perfect combination of flavors and ingredients that suits your preferences.

Challah Buns

Challah bread is an ancient recipe that originates in the Middle East and has been developed into beautiful burger buns in recent history.

This is a braided semi-sweet bread and is still braided when formed into burger buns. This braiding gives Challah buns a unique look and makes any burger made with them an adventure to eat.

These buns are similar to a sweet bun, but they are airy and light while having the perfect crust for a burger.

This traditional bread is not usually used this way, so you may have to make it yourself if you want to try a Challah-bun burger, but it is well worth the effort.

Garlic Buns

If you have never had a burger with a garlic bun, you have never experienced the true glory of a good burger.

Garlic buns are typically made with a white bread recipe or a ciabatta bun recipe, but the bread is infused and baked with garlic, which imparts a delicious garlic flavor to the buns.

These buns are ideal for burgers, as they are packed with flavor, they can be made from almost any type of bread, and garlic buns never get old.

These buns are always ideal for a savory burger, and it is impossible to make a lousy burger if you use a good garlic bun.

Best buns for burgers


The best bread for burgers is any bread that adds flavor to the dish, does not fall apart when eating, and a bread that absorbs the juices from the burger. Any bread that fits these criteria will work well with almost any burger.

Explore the possible burger bread available to you, and you will surely find your favorite in no time. The bread on a burger is what makes it special, and it is important to explore as many options as you can to find your favorite.