How Long Do Flour Tortillas Last?

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Flour tortillas are delicious and versatile. It is important to know how long flour tortillas last to get the most out of them and to ensure that you do not waste food by making too many and being unable to use them in time.

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Flour tortillas can last for ten days at room temperature, a month on the fridge, and eight months in the freezer. Homemade flour tortillas do not last as long as store-bought tortillas. Tortillas should be stored in airtight containers away from moisture, heat, and sunlight to last longer.

No bread lasts forever, but unleavened bread, such as flour tortillas, can last significantly longer than other bread types if you store them correctly. Let’s explore the shelf life of flour tortillas and learn how to make tortillas last as long as possible before going bad.

How Long Do Flour Tortillas Last?

Flour tortillas are highly versatile and taste great, but it is possible to keep flour tortillas for too long, and they do go bad eventually.

A good attribute of flour tortillas is that they are unleavened flatbreads, meaning they have a significantly longer shelf-life than other bread types. They can be successfully stored in the fridge for longer periods than other bread, as they contain very little moisture and do not go stale quickly.

However, this does not mean that flour tortillas will keep forever, and it is vital to know how long they last before going bad if you have bought or made too many to use for one meal.

Flour tortillas can last up to ten days at room temperature, provided they are stored correctly, but they can last for up to one month in the refrigerator and up to eight months in the freezer.

The way flour tortillas are stored and the ingredients used to make them significantly impact their shelf life, but they last longer than most other bread types when kept in the right conditions.

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Homemade tortillas do not last as long as store-bought tortillas, as they do not usually contain preservatives, and they do not last as long as corn tortillas, but they can last for a good while in the right conditions.

If you make your tortillas yourself, it is critical to store them well to keep them fresh and edible for as long as possible, regardless of the recipe you use. Store-bought flour tortillas can last longer, especially when kept unopened in their original packaging, but it is always important to store your tortillas well to keep them good for as long as possible.

Can You Eat Flour Tortillas Past The Expiration Date?

If you have a pack of flour tortillas that have passed the expiration date but still look good, is it safe to use them for a meal, or should they be discarded?

Flour tortillas can be used and eaten safely after their expiration date, provided the bread has not decayed, shows no signs of mold or discoloration, and does not have a foul odor.

The expiration date of flour tortillas is not the date they will go bad. It is only the date past that a retailer can no longer sell them, as they may not last much longer.

However, if you store your flour tortillas well and keep them somewhere that will not encourage mold growth or cause the flatbreads to decay quickly, they can be used well after their expiration date.

It is safe to eat flour tortillas after the expiration date so long as they are not moldy and if they still look and smell as they should. These tortillas can go firm as they age, but so long as they are not rock-hard, they are still good to use.

A general rule is that flour tortillas can last a week longer than their expiration date stored at room temperature in the right conditions, they can last for a month past the expiration date in the fridge, and they can last a few months past this date when frozen.

How To Make Flour Tortillas Last Longer

We now know that flour tortillas can last for a while if stored well, but is there anything that can be done to ensure that these flatbreads last as long as possible?

Some storage methods can help flour tortillas last for a long time and remain good to eat. This type of bread is very easy to store well, and if you take steps to keep them fresh, it can last for a very long time before they go bad.

Here are a few best methods to keep them lasting as long as possible and remaining fresh and delicious.

Freeze The Flour Tortillas

The best way to help them last as long as possible is to freeze them. Freezing these tortillas extends their shelf life significantly.

The ingredients used to make flour tortillas freeze very well, and these flatbreads can be frozen for up to eight months and remain fresh and good to eat without becoming stale, soggy, or losing significant flavor.

Always freeze flour tortillas in freezer bags, the sealed original packaging, or in an airtight container. There is no better way to keep them fresh than freezing them.

Refrigerate The Tortillas

Keeping them in the fridge is another good way to keep them fresh for longer, especially if they are stored in an airtight container or a resealable bag.

Storing flour tortillas in the freezer keeps the flatbreads fresher for longer, prevents them from completely drying out, and mitigates staleness and mild growth.

Store The Tortillas Well

When storing flour tortillas, regardless of where they are stored, be it in the freezer, fridge, or pantry, it is critical to keep the tortillas appropriately stored.

Always store tortillas away from direct sunlight, moisture, humidity, and temperatures that exceed 80°F. These conditions will cause rapid mold growth and cause the tortillas to dry out and go rancid very rapidly.


Flour tortillas are delicious and versatile and last longer than other types of bread, but it is essential to know that these flatbreads do not last forever, and they must be stored correctly to reach their maximum shelf life.

The shelf life of flour tortillas is easy to extend, and if they are stored well, they can last for a surprisingly long time. Whether you buy tortillas or make them, always store the leftovers well for future use, and you will find yourself wasting far less food.