Best Bread For French Toast

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French toast is a special treat that can be made even more special with the right bread. Let’s talk about the best bread for french toast.

The best type is one that can be sliced thick. It needs to be absorbent, dense, soft, and tasty. This includes french baguettes, brioche, Challah, and sourdough. Stale bread can also make excellent French toast (and reduces food waste.)

There are many breads you can use to make the best French toast
French toast with berries and powdered sugar, horizontal

The bread must stand up to a good milk and egg soaking.

A good quality bread for French toast should be absorbent yet not too soft. It should be dense to absorb a lot, yet not too thick to cook thoroughly.

The bread should have a firm crust that helps maintain its structural integrity when it is wet. It should toast well. And it should turn out golden brown, toasty and crispy on the outside, and lightly fluffy on the inside.

A few bread types meet all of these criteria and are ideal for making French toast.

The French Baguette

The baguette is among the best bread the French have to offer. So it makes sense to use it for French toast. French bread for French toast. No brainer!

A good baguette is soft and chewy on the inside and crisp and firm on the outside. This bread is usually baked long and narrow, making it easy to cut into thick slices, ideal for making French toast.

This type is great because it absorbs the egg mixture well and is dense and firm but still soft enough to produce fluffy and pleasing French toast slices when cooked. (Firm bread is also great for tea sandwiches.)

Baguette is also flavorful that is not too overpowering, and the overall taste forms the perfect platform for sweet or savory French toast.

A good Baguette is among the best for this dish, regardless of how you like your French toast.

Is White Bread the Best Bread for French Toast

White bread seems like an obvious choice for making French toast. The reality is that it is a favorite for this dish for a good reason.

White bread is soft and fluffy, has a firm crust, and is thoroughly absorbent, so it will retain all of the egg mixtures you soak it in, and it cooks very quickly in the pan without becoming dry.

Most of the characteristics are due to the basic ingredients that go into a loaf of simple white bread. The loaf itself can be flavored with herbs and spices to further complement French toast, but the flavor on its own creates an ideal platform for creating delicious French toast recipes.

Everyone has easy access to simple white bread, which is among the best bread for this purpose, regardless of its simplicity.

Brioche Bread

Brioche bread is made with butter and eggs in the recipe, making this bread rich, dense, smooth, buttery, and soft. Brioche is delicious on its own, but it is also perfect for making French toast.

This bread can be easily sliced thick to accommodate French toast perfectly, and the flavor of brioche is rich and full, which is perfect for making savory French toast.

This type receives flavors well, retains the egg mixture well, is fried well, and is perfectly dense to hold its form and rigidity when made into French toast.

Brioche has a soft crump, is dense but not hard, and is best used to make savory French toast with delicious herbs and spices rather than sweet French toast.

Brioche is best bread for french toast.

Sourdough: The Best for French Toast?

Sourdough is another excellent bread for making savory French toast.

This bread has a very crispy crust, which helps it stay together when soaked in an egg mixture, and the bread itself has a flavor that compliments savory egg-style dishes very well.

Sourdough can be sliced thick, but it is so dense that it will soak up almost any amount of egg mixture that you soak it in. it can be flavored with herbs and spices, and it is a delicious option for French toast overall.

Challah Bread

Challah bread is a traditional loaf from the Middle East and is probably not the first loaf that comes to mind when making French toast. However, it is among the best bread types to use.

Challah bread is somewhat similar to brioche but has a sweet edge because it is made with honey. The combination of eggs and honey in the bread makes Challah dense and spongey but very soft and flavor-rich.

Challah is also a braided loaf, which makes it extra dense for the bread style and complements the process of making French toast well.

Challah is the best bread for French toast

Stale Bread

Stale bread is not necessarily a type of bread, but it could be an excellent choice if you are looking for something to use. If that loaf you kept in the fridge is an ideal candidate, even if it’s stale.

Using stale bread for French toast is a good idea because it reduces food waste and rejuvenates stale slices into something delicious and versatile.

Soak it in the egg mixture to bring it back to a soft and delectable texture, and the fact that it is dry means that it will soak up more of the egg mixture.

Conclusion: The Best Bread for French Toast

French toast can be made with any bread, but the best for this dish should be tasty on its own, retain an egg mixture well, and hold a thick slice for the best results.

Experiment with different types to determine which works best for your French toast recipes and cooking methods, and you will discover the best French toast you have ever experienced.